Government confident it will stay for five years

ArjunaThe Government is confident it will complete its full five year term no matter what is said.

Ports and Shipping Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said that some members of the opposition feel the Government will collapse but he is confident it will remain the full five years.

“This Government will not be toppled for five years. That I can say with responsibility,” he said.

He also said that the Government will not abuse its powers and will follow the proper procedures when fighting corruption.

The Minister said that investigations are underway on several members of the former Government over corruption but the process to identify those who are guilty will take time. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Central Bank Treasury Bond issue is a stumbling block. The truth must come to light. It is a great black mark to Ranil and gave a lifeline to Mahinda in the last General Election. People cannot be fooled indefinitely. Some top heads in Central Bank and Bank of Ceylon must roll out and criminally charged. I understand that to protect the top, BOC Has already found a scapegoat in a middle management grade. Trade Unions in the Banking sector must take up this matter.

  2. Then you can appoint your whole family to big jobs. All of you should go home before the end of next year. You blamed Rajapaksa but your corruption for one year without any new development has ruined the country. Please consider resigning before get kicked out.

  3. You turned out to be no better that the rajapaksa lot. You appointed you Brother who does not have any experience in Ports and Shipping. You hypocrite

  4. No wonder he is confident this corrupt govt will stay the
    full term, more they stay in govt, more they can rob the
    country and also able to employ their kith & kin in high
    positions even without qualifications & experience.

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