Attempt by MP to set himself on fire blocked

image8An attempt made by United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Vadivel Suresh to set himself on fire was blocked by Parliament police.

The Parliamentarian was stopped at the entrance to Parliament by the Parliament police when he was seen taking a bottle of petrol inside.

The police removed the petrol bottle and the authorities together with several Parliamentarians escorted the MP to the chamber.

The MP had threatened to self-immolate if the Government failed to increase the salaries of plantation workers through the 2016 budget. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Mr.Vadivel has shown that he has quality to act in Indian Tamil Films. Prime Minister and WJ Seneviratne Labour Minister knew very well that this is a drama. They must make a statement on this issue to clarify.

    Vadivel Suresh has made an attempt to bring items which are not authorised to be brought into Parliament area. He also claims that he was serious in committing suicide. The law must work as applicable to ordinary citizens. He should be charged since some of these acts are offences under penal code.
    Next time he must try this drama outside the Parliament area or in Badulla without giving notice.

  2. These people are good in staging dramas, so the government can justify to give everything Sirisena promised. These terror politicians are also part of the corrupted government and Sirisena is reversing what armed forces won sacrificing their lives.

  3. These are blady political dramas politicians have now got used to stage to win the sympathy of their innocent voters. You think that this joker would burn himself within the parliament chambers. He brings a bottle of petrol exposing it to all, especially to the MEDIA and the parliament police. These are the hypocrites who cheat the voters to be elected again. This is another episode like the one Rauf Hakeem staged when he cried in front of the BBC cameras during the Beruwela riots and said, I am a shamed I cannot save/help my Muslim community. It is time the MINORITY communities should begin to bring about a change within themselves not to vote these deceptive politicians to power again. They should promote and bring new and clean blood into our politics from the next local and general elections. Noor Nizam, Convener – The Muslim Voice and Political Communication Researcher – Canada/Sri Lanka.

  4. All know that the estate workers are the backbone of the country.They must be given a decent increase in salary, at least to carry out their day to day life.Mr. Vadivel don’t self-immolate yourself.This show your cowardness,if you have the guts,fight for the right of the workers in the parliment.

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