TNA demands reduction of army in North

army_jaffnaThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today demanded the reduction of the army presence in the North.

TNA Parliamentarian E. Sarawanabavan told Parliament that the TNA supported the new Government to win the elections without signing any agreement.

However he noted that the Government, before it came to power, had given several assurances to the public in the North in order to win their support.

Sarawanabavan said that one assurance was that the presence of the military in the North will be reduced and civilian land occupied by the army freed.

He says despite the assurance given by the Government a strong army presence still can be seen in the North and they also continue to occupy private property.

The TNA Parliamentarian said the Government must not follow the policies of the former regime and ensure normalcy is restored in the North. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Army should vacate all privately owned lands which they are occupying by force. The government is using the army to supress the Tamils in the North and it is a pity that Sambanthan, Sumanthiran and Mavai are supporting the Government.

  2. Tamil Terrorists burnt Sri Lankan air planes and many other Government property causing billions of dollars damage. Sri Lanka cannot have another Terrorist attack from Tamil terrorists, so Army needs to be where they are. In America people cannot protest on this kind of issues so why it is allowed in Sri Lanka.

  3. TNA Politicians are always talking of rights without discussing the duties associated with it. They blamed Douglas Devananda, but it appears that they are now towing his line. Similarly Douglas also appears to be more reasonable than earlier. First allow the People who are actually living in the North to live peacefully rather than listening to Diaspora.

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