Farmers in loin clothes stage protest against budget

Farmers-protest-in-fort-415x260Farmers clad in loin clothes gathered in Colombo today to protest against the Government’s budget for next year.

Hundreds of farmers clad in black loin clothes and bandanas and carrying hoes came from several districts and marched on the streets from Lipton Circus near Town Hall to Temple Trees to protest against the Government’s budget proposals and to draw attention to their demands.

The farmers carrying placards and shouting slogans accused the Government of ignoring their plight and failing to fulfill the promises the Government made before the budget.


  1. JVP Sponsored show. Well done Lal Kantha. Government cannot give everything to everyone. If the car permit system has been abolished, the additional revenue and savings could have been pumped to Farmers. JVP, you have made a wrong decision for supporting reinstatement of car permit system which benefits few public servants, and rich to avoid paying taxes by buying car permits. Any one enjoying the comfort of a permit car should realise, that they are enjoying that benefit over the sweat of farmers and patients waiting in the long queues in Government Hospitals. It is not Government Money, but peoples money. If one who is entitled uses a car permit it is great. If one sells the permit he is a traitor of the common man by helping tax avoidance.

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