Government blames LTTE for damage to property

sajithThe Government today blamed the LTTE for the extensive damage caused to property in the north during the war.

Minister of Housing Sajith Premadasa, speaking in Parliament today, refused to accept claims made by the Tamil National Alliance that the army was responsible for houses damaged during the war.

He said that the army took every effort to protect the people and their property during the war and that it was the LTTE which damaged civilian homes and property in the area.

The Minister also said that when providing houses to the people in the country, the Government will not provide houses based on race or religion.

Premadasa also said that the one year anniversary of the silent revolution on January 8 will not be celebrated with pomp and pageantry but by giving assistance to the public. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. TNA must accept the truth. TNA was an observer without voice. LTTE has also destroyed South, specially Colombo. Eg.Central Bank, WTC,Galadari,SL Telecom and numerous.

  2. This man does know the history! Why only north, LTTE Terrorists burnt most of Air Lanka planes, killed your father, destroyed oil refinery, sank many ships and many more… Why anyone in Sri Lanka would forgive for these crimes? Is it because America pressurizing Sri Lanka to encourage terrorism?


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