Union action scheduled for tomorrow called off

railway-strike-sri-lanka-300x207The strike organised by several trade unions which was scheduled to take place tomorrow has been called off.

The strike was to involve the private bus, train and health sectors.

However the strike was called off following amendments made to the 2016 budget. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. One of the main area affecting citizens standard of living is corruption. On December 9th an anti corruption walk took place in Colombo organised by the Bribery control Dept. A joint trade Union front participated but I couldn’t see any of the famous trade Union Leaders who have banded together against the Budget proposals participating in the walk. Of course one JVP MP was sighted as an invitee at the Independent Square podium. Trade Union leaders have the right to protest against Budget proposals, but have they understood that corruption deeply affects the lives of their members and families? Trade Unions should also have social responsibility against corruption.

  2. But it is learnt that Ceylon Bank Employees Union is going to continue the Strike despite a Court order preventing. The issue is depriving Banks of Leasing and control over Pawning functions. But the real motive appears to be Political.

    Although CBEU claims itself as non political, but some past office Bearers were closely working with Former Government and were well rewarded with Chairmanships of State controlled entities.

    Central Bank and State Bank employees are the best looked after working community in Sri Lanka. Some Middle level employees will get pension more than the 97000/= paid to former Presidents of the Republic while some bank officers get in the region of 300,000/= . The Government servant gets only pension.
    These Central and State Bank employees get Provident Fund, ETF and a Big Pension and a very low interest for Housing and car loans. It is a well known fact one of the Former Central Bank Employee. who was deputed as Treasury Secretary, while entitled to all these , prevented new entrants to the Public sector Getting Pension.

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