The Bath Store launches Grip Antislip

Grip 4Leading bathroom supplies provider, The Bath Store, is set to revolutionize home and hotel safety with the launch of Grip Antislip, an internationally acclaimed coating product guaranteed to improve traction on wet or slippery surfaces.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland to the most stringent environmental and quality standards, Grip AntiSlip is an affordable, quick, and easy-to-use transparent coating that can be applied to almost any non-porous surface – including tiles, cement, bathtubs, shower-trays and pool areas – thereby significantly improving safety and helping to prevent serious accidents.

“Grip Antislip is recognized as one of the best-in-class coating products both in the European Union and worldwide and we are confident that it will have very positive reception in Sri Lanka as well. They key selling point of Grip Antislip is safety; most accidents tend to happen in and around the home and particularly when it comes to slippery surfaces, one misstep can have serious consequences.

That is where Grip Antislip can really make a difference. Certainly this kind of product will be very useful for households with children or elderly citizens but really we all need to be careful around slippery surfaces and in that sense, a single coating of our product can have a dramatic improvement in safety and give you and your loved ones peace of mind,” Director Ranil Samarawickrama said.

He added that the product would also have numerous applications in Sri Lanka’s hotel sector where guest safety is a top priority while the ease of application and removal – if need be – will ensure a steady demand for Grip Antislip.

Grip 3While Grip Antislip is sold with comprehensive instructions and equipment necessary to apply the coating, The Bath Store, in keeping with its own standards of excellence not only in terms of products but also customer service, will perform a free installation of Grip on request.

Grip Antislip is available for purchase at The Bath Store’s recently opened one-stop-shop in Nawala while the company is also in discussions with other dealers and distributors to bring the product to Sri Lankan homeowners and hoteliers across the island.

A specialist in bathware and kitchen solutions and a formidable new player in the market affiliated with powerhouse brands The Bath Store is rapidly earning a name as the go-to destination for homeowners both new and old.

For more information on the wide array of top-quality products available at The Bath Store, visit their Facebook page at:


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