Wigneswaran assures rift in TNA will be sorted

WigneswaranThe Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-dominated Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran, has assured India that the differences in the  Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will be ironed out and that unity will be maintained to enable the Tamils to secure their rights in Sri Lanka, the New Indian Express reported.

This assurance was given to the Indian High Commissioner in Lanka, Y.K.Sinha, when he had a two-hour meeting Chief Minister Wigneswaran in Jaffna.

Sinha was on a three-day tour of the Northern Province which ended on Saturday.

Briefing the media on his talks with the High Commissioner, Wigneswaran said that the envoy expressed concern over internal dissensions in the TNA and said that such dissensions could be used by the majority community to deny the Tamils their rights at a time when chances of finding a political solution to the Tamil question are brightening.

Sinha urged the Chief Minister to get along with the TNA leadership comprising R.Sampanthan, M.A.Sumanthiran and Mavai Senathirajah.

Wigneswaran admitted that there are ideological differences between the Jaffna-based leaders and the Colombo-based leaders of the TNA. His case was that the Tamil question looks different when viewed from different places. As a Jaffna-based leader, he has a perspective which is different from that of the Colombo-based leaders like Sumanthiran, Wigneswaran said. However, he assured that he is all for the unity of the TNA and that any internal differences will be ironed out through discussions. Wigneswaran recalled that Sumanthiran was his student in the Sri Lanka Law College and that there should be no difficulty in making up with his student.

Although the former Supreme Court Justice and essentially apolitical Wigneswaran was put up for the Chief Minister’s post in 2013 by the TNA’s troika comprising Sampanthan, Sumanthiran and Senathirajah, he began to act independently of the troika and even the TNA as a party. He also reportedly developed contradictions with the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) and its Chairman (or Speaker) C.V.K.Sivagnanam. There were also complaints of his playing favorites  within his four member Board of Ministers and of being guided by some “rank outsiders”.

But what proved to be the last straw on the camel’s back was Wigneswaran’s declaration on the eve of the August 17, 2015 Lankan parliamentary elections that he would be “neutral.” He then went on to appeal to the voters to vote for persons of a particular kind which clearly suggested that he was asking them to the vote for the radical Tamil National Peoples’ Front (TNPF) whose leaders are  seen by moderates as being acolytes of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). In his various statements as CM, Wigneswaran seemed to be plugging the radical line. He was functioning more as a political agitator than the head of an administration charged with the task of post-war developmental work.

Matters came a head when Sumanthiran openly declared that the TNA will sack Wigneswaran for anti-party activities. Wigneswaran retorted saying that he is not a member of any political party to be sacked and that he won the Provincial Council elections with the highest number of preferential votes on his personal credentials rather than any party affiliation.

In his meeting with the Indian High Commissioner, Wigneswaran requested India to secure the release of the 217 LTTE cadres still in detention. The Tamils consider these to be political prisoners but the government sees them as hardcore terrorists. Indian aid was also sought to rehabilitate about 12,000 released LTTE cadres who are finding it difficult to survive in post-war society. When the High Commissioner spoke about the paucity of funds, the Chief Minister said that the Tamils are looking up to India for help because they have no one else to turn to.


  1. Tamils are looking up to India and the West for help because they have been taught to do so. India created handful of Tamil armed groups to divide and rule Tamils. Now days the West is ruling Tamils by Diaspora groups. Tamils have been divided for generation. The Northern CM is daydreaming to unite Tamils. If he wants to unite Tamils he has to change the generation through schools. Educating the children about the value of unity will only help Tamils. Therefore, the North and East need an additional subject about unity in schools; this will help Tamils, Sri Lanka and Asia.

    • Finally I get it Antany the reason why you living in the West and suffering in agony under white mans rules and trechery, surely you must be one of the so called Tamils according to your own vast research that been thought and brain washed to look for the West. Your highly educated intellect and thinking has only allowed you to think like a sheep and follow the flock what a shame. I think its a good analogy don’t you agree, that you live in New Zealand the land of the many sheep.

      • Hey fool, I left the West in May 2014. You don’t have facts, but the Colombo Gazette is publishing your foolish comments. This is South Asia, we can’t expect truthful and investigative media.

      • I left the West in May 2014. You don’t have facts, but the Colombo Gazette is publishing your foolish comments. This is South Asia, we can’t expect truthful and investigative journalism. How can you expect a decent journalism in a country which has been fighting the Asia’s longest and bloodiest civil war since the independence? Surely, we have many sheep in Sri Lanka in human form that is why they are fighting since 1948, and publishing your useless comments.

  2. The problem in the North from the time of Independence is a creation of India, specially after passing of the Citizenship act . Northern Tamil Leaders have got into the trap set by India and unable to get out of it. So the sufferers are Ordinary Tamil citizen. India’s Indira Created Bindanwala in Punjab, and Prabakaran,
    Douglas ,etc in Sri Lanka. Those dissented with India were destroyed that included Bindanwala and Prabakaran. Tamil leaders must remember that they are not the Agents or representatives of India or of Diaspora who has no Sri Lankan Citizenship, but the ordinary men living in North and east and not surrender to the dictates of Foreign Elements. They must look Tamil, Sinhala. Muslim people who are actually living in the country for any solution. They should have by now understood that foreign influence has not got any political benefits to the Tamil People.


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