Over 500,000 vehicles enter Colombo daily

Colombo_traffic_lgThe government has identified heavy road congestion as one of the major issues facing Colombo, Deputy Minister of Public Enterprise Development Eran Wickramaratne said today during the Colombo Mayor’s Conference in Colombo.

Wickramaratne said that 500,000 vehicles entering Colombo daily is neither eco-friendly nor an efficient means of getting from home to work or school.

“Time is wasted and people arrive late at offices and classrooms, tired and frustrated. The main railway station, Fort Railway station, hasn’t changed since Independence in 1948,” he said.

Wickramaratne said that the government is working towards a public transport system that takes over from private transport.

“As seen in Bangkok, it is necessary for the government to explore investing metro systems, which allows for speedy journeys for those living in the outstations. This expands access to human capital for employers, increasing job possibilities for those in the job market. We know that in some Asian cities you use smart cards as an integrated system to pay for transportation. Why can this not be introduced in Colombo over the next 5-year period? According to DNV GL, in America, Uber and Waze (Google) are sharing anonymized travel data with the City of Boston to apply smart data to traffic decongestion,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Additional roads must be build to bring commuters in. Like the Duplication road. If it is extended up to say Moratuwa and made into a one way street, complementing Galle road it will bring great relief to commuters on Galle road.

  2. who ever start working on reducing the traffic entering colombo should understand the routine of a family and culture we were brought up. If a family has a car or a van and they drive to colombo for work, 80% of the time they get a fuel subsidy from work place or both parents are working to afford it. What will happen is father will drop children at schools and mother at her work place. Our culture is such parents nowadays prefer to send kids in a school van an or give them a lift in their vehicle. Improvements to transport sector or roads should take above in to consideration otherwise this new proposal would have the same fate as what happened to ‘park and ride’ concept sometime back. A good campaign should be carried out over a considerable period to create awareness and promote this concept and change mindset of people.


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