PM calls for disciplinary action over Parliament incident

ParliamentPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today called for disciplinary action to be taken against the members of Parliament who were responsible for the incident which took place in Parliament yesterday.

The Prime Minister said that even if a member of the United National Party (UNP) misbehaved in Parliament yesterday he will take action against that MP.

He said all party leaders should ensure that the MPs from their respective political parties respect Parliament and act accordingly.

The Prime Minister said that following the incident yesterday he was asked if Muslims in Parliament were being attacked since similar incidents do not take place outside Parliament anymore.

A tense situation arose in Parliament yesterday when UNP MP Mujibur Rahman spoke on the death of rugger player Wasim Thajudeen.

Opposition members took to the well of the House and protested and some MPs claimed that Rahman was assaulted when he got involved in a heated argument with the opposition members. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. parliamentariens should be d.not only in parliament but also outside p.the majority of These p. are uneducated thugs and only fools should expect them to has to blame dharmista j.r. hon p.m you did not mind when this new president brought all These corrupted slfp politicians to p.through the backdoor to enhance his power base.i for one do not care a damm for the political parties nor for this president.iam not dependent on anyone,but the suffering masses expect yahapalayena.this government is rotten just like the former.muslims should not think that they are just.what is written in the koran including the sharia law they follow blindly,keep the masses ignorent,,brain wash them

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