Norwegian FM here next month for high level talks

Børge BrendeNorwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende will be in the country during the first week of January, 2016 and will hold high level discussions to find out possible areas of cooperation between Norway and Sri Lanka, including trade and investment opportunities.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said that during the visit Brende will take part in a discussion organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian Embassy in Sri Lanka on the 07th January, 2016 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Auditorium.

Børge Brende, who was the Former Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and also the Former Minister of Trade and Industry in Norway will meet the Sri Lankan business community and any other interested parties during the ‘Discussion’ which is to be held at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

The Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for Norwegian foreign policy, the promotion of Norway’s interests internationally and the work of the Foreign Service, which includes more than 100 Embassies, Permanent Missions/Delegations, and Consulates General.

The visit comes following an interest shown by Norwegians to invest in Sri Lanka, which was expressed at the recently held Sri Lanka – Norway Business Forum in Colombo.

Trade between Sri Lanka and Norway during the year 2014 has accounted for a just a paltry US$ 30 million, which has been the figures in the previous years as well. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These are coming to SL with the blessings of current government, to finish the ‘dividing’ job they started many years ago. Rajapaksa is not in power so they take the opportunity to finish the job they have been paid by Tamil Diaspora. Now they cannot supply weapons or batteries to Tamil terrorists but they are doing the same with ‘pen’ now.

  2. We should appreciate the Norwegians’ patience after the we treated them during the war.
    As Negotiators, they had to be impartial between the terrorists and the Government of Sri Lanka.

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