Public servants urged to shun corrupt practices

05Secretary to the President, P B Abeykoon urged public servants to shun corrupt practices and help to raise the position of Sri Lanka as a nation against corruption globally.

He said that Sri Lanka is currently labeled as No 35 in the Index of Corruption of the Transparency International and the country could raise that position at least by another 15 notches in a short time if public servants work with commitment to eradicate corrupt practices.

Abeykoon stated this at a ceremony to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day held at the Presidential Secretariat today .

He said that Sri Lanka first adopted the Anti Corruption Bill in Parliament in 1954 with the support of all the political parties. Subsequently, the Bribery or Corruption Commission was established in 1997 and that was also passed in the Parliament unanimously.

“Our record of anti-corruption drive has a long history, and our responsibility today is to take this forward with commitment and determination,” the Secretary to the President said.

The ceremony began with unfurling the National Flag. All the officers read a pledge promising to serve the nation in a transparent, responsible and accountable manner to endow the future generation with an unsullied nation, free of bribery and corruption. The officers and staff of the Presidential Secretariat attended the function. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Politicians alone cannot misuse government resources. The accounting officers are the culprits in first place who place their signatures blindly on approvals and cheques for withdrawal of funds from accounts. Politicians do not have such powers. Secretaries to the Ministries and heads of department are the ones who are really responsible for corrupt practices. If they abide by the FR and Establishment code, politicians can do nothing about government resources. So Mr Abeykoon this is over to you to initiate action.

  2. Giving so much concessions and privileges to some at the cost of the many, is tantamount to a bribe to do a job of work. The demand of a car permit every 5 years is worse and the permission to transfer it immediate on receipt is even more worse. With the new arrangement , even the politicians should be subject to the same law,and they should be setting the example. The value should also be reduced to a mid range vehicle which should be more than adequate. What will happen now, there will be a racket with the car pool.

    • JVP also acknowledges the selling practice of Vehicle permits and accept it as legal. If one is selling a permit, what’s the need of the permit. Permit is granted at the pain of ordinary masses. Because masses have to take additional burden in the form of indirect tax. If there is no car permit system, the cost of medicine, sugar, bicycle etc may cost less. Again due to huge foreign exchange outflow on car imports, the rupee value goes down and people have to pay additional price to import of essential goods. Similarly people must understand that their taxes direct and indirect are running the Education System, Hospitals and other welfare schemes. It costs the Government, in other word People’s money. The salvage for the country is export, export, export of goods and services not import, import,

  3. It is time for government or the Auditor General Declare the No.1 organisation, Dept, or Bank public, or private , which stands tall on the anti corruption index for the year 2015. Some organisations get accolades such as the best, most popular Brand, more profitabale etc. Are they totally corrupt free.

  4. Commendable. Must proactively employ decoys to catch the corrupts and get rid of them soon.Time and money spent is well worth the effort. Do not wait for some body to complain of corruption.

  5. Would the government consider 10% commission received by any elected or appointed public servants when tenders are accepted to be an act of corruption? If the government force these officials to publicly disclose any commission received or force to surrender commission to the treasury?

  6. I have written many letters to Mr Abeykoon and His Excellency the president about many corrupt practices by people in highest positions in the government. So far have not even received a acknowledgement of receipt of my letters at the least. 1st letter was sent in last February. Many more in August/Sep. with copies to relevant ministers. It is now time to take action if some one wants to stop corruption. I am prepared to come forward and provide all the details, names of people and even the incidents. Just open an inquiry I am there to prove all my complaints.

  7. Start by investigating Central Bank, Avant Gard, and the few other very questionable “deals” since January 8th and then we will see some real progress


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