Nimal takes on Welgama on CTB losses

nimal_siripala_b1Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva today slammed former Minister of Transport Kumara Welgama for the losses suffered by the Sri Lanka Transport Board.

He said that when the Sri Lanka Transport Board, also known as the CTB, was under the former Minister, it failed to pay EPF, ETF and gratuity to its employees.

He said that the CTB owes several companies and is facing liabilities running into millions of rupees.

Earlier Kumara Welgama insisted that he is being targeted for refusing to join the coalition Government after Mahinda Rajapaksa lost the last Presidential election.

Nimal Siripala de Silva however said that the failure to pay EPF and ETF when the former Minister was in office, has forced the CTB to face several issues.

He says the Government is now forced to pay the salaries of the CTB staff as the State passenger bus service is operating at a loss.

The Minister also said that there were some shortcomings over the construction of the Northern railway line and payments to the Indian company involved in the project has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigations over the project. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. High Salary, More employees than cadre, low bus fare,Illegal sale or theft of Bus Engines as said by Hon.Welgama. How can an organisation run on profit and pay salaries an EPF,, terminal benefits. Treasury should pump money to CTB, by taxing or increasing price of Rice,Sugar. The alternative is to increase Bus fares. No one will agree to increase.

  2. there was news article how much money that man had taken from by way of price increased from each new bus purchased, so why not make complain to financial fraud investigation dept to recovered cheated money them pay people ETF/EPF oustanding balance. now we can see why that former minister is too much barking against the current government. walgama must pay the price for fraud and corruption

  3. So (1) order and investigation to check on corruption and (2) do the best job as Transport Minister from now. We know that you were his buddy a few months ago

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