Government defends de-listing diaspora groups

RuwanThe Government today defended the de-listing of several diaspora groups and individuals earlier accused of having links to terrorism.

State Defence Minister Ruwan Wijeywardena, speaking in Parliament, said that the de-listing was carried out following a comprehensive study conducted out on the groups and individuals by a high level committee.

He said that the study concluded that the diaspora groups and individuals who were de-proscribed recently were not involved in terrorism related activities over the past three years.

Opposition Parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma earlier questioned the basis on which the groups and individuals were cleared of links to terrorism.

He said that the even the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) which was de-listed has not publicly denounced separatism and continues to promote ‘Eelam’ on its official website.

The Government recently de-listed eight organisations and 267 persons. Sri Lanka proscribed 16 organisations and 424 individuals under Gazette Extraordinary No. 1854/41 on 21 March 2014 using powers under the United Nations Act No. 45 of 1968. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. One has to look what the delisted group did prior to 2009, they openly defended their Elam ambitions and did organise activities to promote what they thought as a justified cause,
    Most of them enjoyed privileges in SL before they went abroad to talk of genocide and descrimination. Some of them enjoyed education in prestigious colleges like Royal, st Thomases, and st Peters. You cannot trust these groups, just because they did not engage in Acts of terrorism, they could hradly do it as their host countries would not tolerate such nonsense.
    We want Sri Lanka to be free from terrorism, deproscribing does not eliminate that threat, rather makes it worse. Read Tamil Net to see what some of these guys have been upto,see for yourself. We are for a united Sri Lanka, and freedom from co-ercion and threats from either the state or speratist ideologists.

  2. It is very obvious whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalese; the fools who have been fighting since the independence can’t comprehend the rulers of the world. You are born to live under the West.

    • Antany you must have read the News in New Zealand about what GSB chief said during the Gov: select committee meeting couple of days back that was big news all around New Zealand about training Radical ISIS recruit from New Zealand. You remember what you wrote about how you and your supporters are training the Arabs and Asians to fight the West and what was it you wrote they will hunt the Westerners down and displaced them you are you are so brave. Yea! now you can contact me you know my number you know what is the next step. Things are catching up with you I said your foolish bravado and big noise will catch up with you. By the way Rajpaksa and his clan still in Sri Lanka what happen to your mega court case against the in Geneva?

      • You think that you are too smart. I urge to stop fooling yourself, and stop lying. The Australian government would not have deleted my citizenship, if your stories are true. If I belong to a terrorist organisation the white bastards would have hanged me long time ago. I still believe that Muslims in Asia need to be educated, otherwise the West will destroy Asia as it has done in the Middle East.

        • Who is the fool Antany? you living in the West on hand outs while thrashing the hand that feed you or I on the other hand working for a living and paying taxes been productive citizen. You trying to promote yourself as some sort of pseudo academic. You are not only a hypocrite delusional one at that as your hero VP.

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