Muslim Council seeks clemency for Lankan maid

stone to deathThe Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, in a letter to the King of Saudi Arabia, said it is deeply grieved and is reaching out to the King on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka for clemency to the housemaid sentenced to death by stoning for the serious crime of adultery while the other respondent, a Sri Lankan male migrant worker is to receive 100 lashes.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka presumes that the housemaid unfortunately sentenced to death by stoning and the male worker who would face lashing were unaware of the law and cultural practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the letter to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-­‐Saud, the Muslim Council notes that the illiteracy of the maid and the man in this respect is solely due to their underprivileged and marginalised socio-­‐economic background at their home country, Sri Lanka, which denied them even the minimum level of education required to be aware of complexities in a legal and cultural system that is inherently foreign to them.

“We respect the law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the decision made by the Saudi Arabian judiciary and at the same time believes that on extremely humanitarian grounds the two convicted individuals from Sri Lanka deserve your Royal Highnesses kind pardon. We convey these views considering the extraordinary level of hardships she faced in Sri Lanka which forced her to leave her family unwillingly in search of employment. The conditions which she faced at her home country left her no other option than to seek employment as a low paid housemaid in Saudi Arabia,” the Muslim Council added.

The Muslim Council notes that it was not her wish to be separated from her family but the gruesome economic hardships that encircle her life in her home country Sri Lanka, having to feed, clothe and educate her children who are still adolescences while her husband has no access to secure employment.

“These abject economic and social conditions, entirely independent from her will, forced her to part with her loved ones and provide them a means to live by remitting her meagre savings secured from her wage as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia. She did so only out of self-­‐sacrifice to support her family and bring them at least faintly out of economic misery and permanent marginalisation in society. The fact that she chose to work as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia since 2013 knowing that she will not be so financially rewarded in turn explains the level of helplessness she had to suffer at her home country. Her family on the other hand also are tormented by indebtedness given that sinking into debt remains the only means of meeting even the daily subsistence needs of her and her beloved family. These conditions hurt her physical and mental wellbeing and in turn driving her unknowingly into her current plight. Your Majesty, we therefore believe her situation needs humanitarian interpretation rather than a legal one and hence on humanitarian grounds she needs your mercy and kind pardoning,” the letter said.

The Muslim Council notes that the kind intervention of the King in pardoning these unfortunate victims would enhance the high esteem in which Sri Lankan’s hold Islam. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. As a humanitarian gesture, this unfortunate housemaid needs to be spared her life. The world is watching and is looking at Saudi Arabia expecting a pardon, any other outcome will be seen as barbaric.

  2. Good move. Muslim council cannot change the laws of Saudis, but can guide the workers on the dangers of violating Saudi Laws. Is our government and employment agencies doing this. Government to Government agreement is needed on the protection of workers.If Saudis do not pardon this maid SL Government must break or downgrade Diplomatic relations.

  3. A British man Karl Andree 74, who was imprisoned for possessing alcohol in Saudi Arabia, will be released within a week, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said. He has been in prison for more than a year. Now this guy already released and deported.

    British Foreign Secretary intervene this matter and got released, then I hope our Foreign minister is involving to get release our housemaid too. Alcohol or sexual is not criminal, but there are punishment, I believe “Not Stone to Death”, we have to respect the country law, I hope she will be get pardon.

    Another incident wish to write last month one Saudi national raped a 9 years old girl was sentence to 3 years in prison “this is criminal” why law is not for them?? He must be punished Stone to Death. Why deferent law for deferent people?

    If not as Minister Ajith P. Perera mentioned our government must take a decision not to send Housemaid to Saudi Arabia only, human life is valuve more than foriegn revenie

  4. In the srilanka we don’t have to follow this kingdom of saudhi Arabia.and our house maids are very poor and not more educated.their coming from unprevillage particular villages.and the cause Muslims want to follow this rules.because in sariya law should about mentioned for Muslims. And the little time she cannot know about the rules.the house maid is a human being.she have emotions,and saudhi they want accept house maid feeling.saudhiya people want under stand .other country people feeling.I think the punish ment is forgiving for these.plz saudhiya people forgive them.In case of this peson,if you see my comment ask a sorry from saudhiya people.they are not heartless people.


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