TULF shocked at suicide of Jaffna student

veerasingham-anandasangareeThe Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) says the tragic news of an Advanced Level student of Kokuvil Hindu College in Jaffna named Rajeswaran Chenthuran committing suicide by jumping in front of an express train from Colombo, came as a rude shock to Tamils all over the world.

It was reported that the student committed suicide in protest over the failure to release all political prisoners. A suicide note said to have been written by the boy was also found. The police are attempting to verify the authenticity of the note.

TULF General Secretary V. Anandasangaree said that everyone in Jaffna and many others around the country shared the grief with the bereaved family.

On the 27th, the day of cremation all schools in the peninsula remained closed as a mark of respect and to enable thousands of students from many other schools to participate in the funeral.

“Why did this boy do this? What did he gain except bringing unending grief for years to come, to his kith and kin. There is no one related or even known to him in jail. This is what I am worrying about. Are we heading towards a new culture. At the funeral which I attended and made a brief speech of condolence, I found fault with the politicians including me for this unfortunate incident which may not be the last one. We should not forget the fact that fiery and stimulating speeches of some politicians contribute liberally for incidents of this nature,” Anandasangaree said.

He said what the people are asking is the release of the Tamil Political prisoners unconditionally under a general amnesty, as done two or three occasion earlier. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Is he a too brilliant student? Was he forced to do? Who are his associates? Were Both Parents have a happy Life?. Was he aware his Suicide has Zero effect on the issue?

  2. It shouldn’t be a shocking news to you, because it came from the fools who have been fighting the Asia’s longest and bloodiest civil war for Indians and for the Westerners. Tamils don’t fight for themselves or for Sinhalese; it shows their utter foolishness.


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