Lankan refugees allege insecurity in Indian camp

30NOV_MAPVANS3__01_2641270eRefugees at the Anaiyur Sri Lankan refugee camp in Madurai, India have complained about the “lack of security” at the facility as antisocial elements are frequently entering the camp and picking fights with the refugees, Th Hindu newspaper reported.

Petitioning Collector L. Subramanian, the refugees cited a recent incident where two youngsters from the camp were hacked by a group of youngsters when they were working at their relative’s tailoring shop close to the camp.

K. Johnson (20) and A. Dinendran (21) incurred severe injuries and a case was registered at Koodal Pudur police station in this regard. K. Sumitra Devi, mother of Johnson, claimed that the two youngsters escaped fortunately when the goons attacked them with the intention to kill them. B. Ealathu Arjun, another youngster from the camp, said that such incidents of goons entering the camp had increased of late. “They even tell us that we are easy targets as no one would come in support of us,” he said.

Subramanian said that he had forwarded the petition to Madurai City police for swift action.


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