UK to appoint non-resident defence attaché

UKThe British Government has decided to appoint a non-resident defence attaché and access provided to UK military training courses to help support Sri Lankan military reform.

The British Government however also said that it is clear that credible investigations into alleged war crimes during Sri Lanka’s civil war are vital.

“We are already playing a key role in encouraging progress on this, including through the UNHRC resolution which set Sri Lanka on a new path towards reconciliation and a more prosperous and inclusive future,” a UK Government statement said.

Last week UK Prime Minister David Cameron held bilateral talks with President Sirisena at the Commonwealth Summit in Malta, and announced a significant increase in UK support for reconciliation and human rights, recognising the considerable progress Sri Lanka has made since it hosted the last Commonwealth Meeting in 2013.


Britain says building on the pivotal role played by the UK in promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka since CHOGM 2013 and the Prime Minister’s last visit there where he spoke of Sri Lanka’s immense potential, this funding will help to ensure that President Sirisena can advance the important reform work he has already begun.

UK says this will build on August’s peaceful parliamentary elections and help to deliver the commitments set out in the historic UNHRC resolution that was adopted in October including demilitarisation and land returns. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. During the colonial period the West placed a firm foundation to divide Tamils and Sinhalese as it had done between Indians and Pakistanis. The West continues to divide the developing countries to rule the world. The West sopported the Asia’s longest and bloodiest civil war in Sri Lanka; now it has got a grip on the Sri Lankan government on war crimes. This is how the West plays its game to keep others under them.


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