Maldives says opposition protest largely peaceful

Minjuvaan10-1200x670_cThe Maldives Government says a protest staged by the Maldives opposition overnight was largely peaceful.

The protest organised by the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) was held at the Artificial  Beach  of  Male’ yesterday.

The protesters called for the release of Former President Mohamed Nasheed and other detainees, among other demands.

The Maldives Home Affairs Ministry said that throughout the largely peaceful protest the Maldives Police Service had ensured the security of the gathered protestors.

“The  MDP  had  agreed  with  the  Maldives  Police  Service  and  the Elections Commission, prior to the protest, to convene the protests in the most peaceful and lawful manner,” the Maldives Home Affairs Ministry said.

On Wednesday the Minister of Home Affairs had also informed the MDP that the protest should be contained within the Artificial Beach area and must end at 12 midnight, citing the law regulating freedom of assembly and protests.

However the Maldives Home Affairs Ministry said that participants from the protest went on the streets of Male’ and the police, as informed earlier dispersed the crowd. Pepper spray was used after cautioning the crowd to disperse.

The Maldives government called upon the protesters to abide by the rule of law and to stop violent demonstrations.

The Government assured the pubic that the stability and peace of the country and the security of all citizens were paramount to them.


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