LTTE did not represent Tamils says Mangala

MangalaForeign Minister Mangala Samaraweera says the LTTE terror did not represent the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the Tamil community.

He made this observation while speaking at the Meeting of Commonwealth Foreign Ministers in Malta, the Foreign Ministry said today.

He said that as radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism undermine the core Commonwealth values of democracy and pluralism, the Commonwealth states should direct it’s focus towards collective efforts in countering these efforts.

“However, in countering terrorism, we must be careful in distinguishing between the perpetrators of terror and the wider communities they claim to represent. Just as the LTTE terror, which we in Sri Lanka experienced for several decades did not represent the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the Tamil community, the brutal and heinous terrorism of the IS does not in way reflect the values of Islam, which is, to the majority of it’s followers, a great religion of peace. Therefore all counter terrorism Programmes must be accompanied by a vigorous plan to win the hearts and minds of the people whom the terrorists claim to represent,” he said.

The Foreign Minister said that young people who comprise nearly 60% of the Commonwealth’s population have an important role in building stable, secure and prosperous societies and Commonwealth Programmes can help raise awareness of risks radicalisation and prevent young people from embracing violent extremism and terrorism in all its forms. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. First we must understand the divide and rule strategy. The LTTE and ISIS can’t become successful terror groups without the support of the Masters who Divide and rule others. Developing countries’ leaders must educate themselves and their people.

    A boy who killed himself by jumping into a moving train got more respect and publicity than people like us. He doesn’t even have an Advanced Level qualification. I have a business degree and have read hundred of books to understand world history, languages, religions, communism, human development including human rights and democracy, global economy and international politics. I lived in four continents and traveled to more than 25 countries. But Tamils do not value or respect me. This shows about Tamils, they are the lowest in Asia. That is why they fought the longest and bloodiest civil war in Asia for nothing.

      • By now Tamils would have wiped out all Sinhalese; if Tamils were majority, Sinhalese were minority and joined with India and took arms against Tamils.

        • Tamils Never wipe out sinhalese or any other racist they are the protector of all people including sinhalese they know the value of humanity not like sinhalese thinking otherwise your population will not grow like this today where you are majority and tamils are minority.

          • The LTTE wiped out the other Tamil arms groups, Tamil leaders, intellectuals, as well as Sinhalese and Indian leaders. For your information; the LTTE killed more leaders and intellectuals than Al-Qaeda. You are a racist Tamil fool. You are shame for Tamils and disgraceful for humanity.

    • First Lanka s belongs to Tamils, Later Sinhalese Enter into lanka from the west bengal with the help of Tamils, now Sinhalese claimed Sri Lanka is belong to Sinhalese. I dont know whether you read 1000 books or traveled 25 to 50 countries Still Sinhalese are the lowest of lowest thinking fellows. Still Sinhalese follow Tamil cluturals only, even buddha also brought by tamils in Sri Lanka. You dont have any cultures.

      • You think you know better, because you worship the West. You are shame for the billions of Asians and disgraceful for the 21st century humanity.

        • Hello Antany the LTTE hypocrite its about time you get job and earn a living Ima sick and tire just like other Kiwi tax payer giving you hand outs. If you hate the West soo much what the hell you doing living in Wellington New Zealand.

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