Dullas claims John aware of pills to stay young

JohnUnited People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma claims Tourism Minister John Amaratunga is aware of pills he needs to take to stay young.

Spekaing during the 2016 budget in Parliament today, Alahapperuma said that Amaratunga had advised him to support the budget in order to protect his MP seat.

“This is a senior member of the United National Party telling us in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. He is telling me to support the budget to protect my MP seat. I guess he knows there are pills to take to stay young. He knows that,” he noted.

Alahapperuma said that he will take a decision on the budget based on policy and not to protect his seat in Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. After the budget several ministers have asked the opposition MPs to vote for the budget or risk losing some of their previleges. They are even promised luxury cars with chaufers if they support the government. This is the most despicable act never happened before in our country.

  2. Absolutely Naga. The budget is a total failure & this shows the govt inability to present a budget for the country. Probably they have been in the opposition for so long & do not know how to run a country. The only good thing about removing duty free car facility for all has now been reversed & re granted to MPs. What a pathetic move!!!

  3. Dullas Alusperuma,please tell YOUr corrupt leader MR
    that John Amatunga saved him from going to Gallows
    for the double murder he commited about 15 to 20years ago at the Mulkigigala bye election,even the president siresena heard the two gun shots from aclose distance and at the court case John Amaratunga lied to the court and the Judge stating the gun shots came from the top of tree,thereby saving Mahendra Rajapakse from a double murder,but every knows that Mahendra rajapkase is the cold blooded killer who became the corrupt resident of Lanka a blossdy killer becomes the President of Sri lanka,and abslute Pra jadaya,he will pay before his death for the crime


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