Youth commits suicide in Jaffna over political prisoners

sucide3A youth committed suicide in Kondavil, Jaffna over the failure by the authorities to release all Tamil political prisoners.

The youth had jumped in front of a train in Kondavil and committed suicide.

Reporters in Jaffna said that the youth had left a suicide note explaining the motives behind the suicide.

The victim was identified as 18 year old Rajeshwaran Senthuran, a resident of Kopai and a student of Kokavil Hindu College.

Meanwhile students of the Jaffna university staged a demonstration drawing attention to the death of the student.

The Jaffna university students held black flags during the peaceful demonstration. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is a foolish act, but glorified by Tamil media and Tamil political leaders. A student must concentrate on his studies. He has nothing to do with politics. The Tamil media and Tamil leaders are encouraging Tamil youths to follow this foolishness by glorifying this event. He didn’t win a prize for his invention; he is not a gold medal winner at the Olympics. Why is he getting this much publicity when he failed to carry-out his duties as a student?

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