Closeup unveils Sri Lanka’s first ever co-created dance video

Step up with Closeup 1Closeup, Sri Lanka’s No. 1 gel toothpaste, marked a historic milestone with the launch of the country’s first ever co-created dance video on 13th December. Closeupsparked the imagination of the youth of Sri Lanka and created phenomenal online buzz and conversations. This enthusiasm culminated with 100 couples being chosen from over a 1000 entries to appear alongside brand ambassadors DushyanthWeeraman and Stephanie Siriwardene in the final electrifying and dynamic video which can be viewed

As the passion for dance and music is closely entwined in the identity of our nation’s youth it was only natural that Closeup – a brand in-sync with the needs and desires of the youth – initiated a campaign that allowed youth to confidently express their passion. It was a campaign that was met with great fervor and was quickly adopted by the nation’s youth both online and off. The excitement surrounding this innovative concept peaked with the brand’s Facebook page being flooded with questions, comments and videos.

And as further testament to Closeup’s understanding of Sri Lanka’s youth they were able to mobilize their strong fan base and partnered with them at popular youth hangouts to recreate the exciting dance moves.Those that participated won valuable gifts for their stellar effort from Closeup’s partners, Barista Lavazza and Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts.

“The response to the campaign has been amazing and a big thank you must go out to everyone who sent in their video entries, we were truly blown away by how in-sync the dancers were with each other and we are very excited about releasing the final video, and having gotten a sneak peek at it, I must say that it looks spectacular,” said Aaqib Reyal Brand Manager Closeup at Unilever Sri Lanka.

Closeup is Sri Lanka’s leading gel based toothpaste with deep ties to the country and its finger on the pulse of Sri Lanka’s youth. It connects with today’s high energy lifestyle by assuring up to 12 hours of a fresh breath marathon just right for close encounters. It continues to actively engage its youthful consumers through innovative and exciting new ways that blend in with their active lifestyles.



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