President notes budget gives more for education

MaithripalaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says the new government has allocated the largest ever fund for education from the budget of 2016, while previous governments could never allocate this much for education from their annual budgets.

He said this amount is four times bigger than the fund allocation for education by former governments during last few decades.

The President was addressing a gathering of the prize giving ceremony of the Malambe Adarsha Boys’ School held today.

President Sirisena stated that he would implement a special program from next year to develop the cordiality between parents and teachers by creating opportunities for discussions, with the aim of saving children from tragedies they are facing in the society.

“The most valuable prize we can give to the children and the people of the country as a government and the rulers is to nurture them with knowledge. When the more scholars are produced in a country, the prosperity is also increases accordingly”, the President said.

“Children should act to win the life with determination and dedication” the President said adding that he, who was an ordinary citizen, born and brought with the smell of paddy field and dust in a farming family in a remote area like Polonnaruwa, succeeded in becoming the President of Sri Lanka due to his relentless determination, commitment and honesty.

The President presented prizes to the students of Malambe Adarsha Boys’ School who demonstrated excellence in 2014. He also presented prizes to the students who passed scholarship exam and AL exam obtaining high marks.


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