Lanka appeals to Saudi against death sentence

executeThe Sri Lankan Government has appealed the death sentence handed to a Sri Lankan woman in Riyadh for adultery.

Upul Deshapriya, spokesman of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), told Arab News that the maid was recently sentenced to death after being found guilty of having an illicit affair with a Sri Lankan bachelor.

He said the Saudi court ordered the man be punished with 100 lashes. A government official in Colombo said the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh has contacted the Saudi authorities to explore the possibilities of reviewing the verdict.

He said the ministry was making efforts to save the housemaid’s life. Sources from Colombo said the convicted woman is married and has children in Sri Lanka.

Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorala’s media secretary Nalin Rajapaksha said: “Since she has pleaded guilty, we are unable to request the Saudi government to lift the sentence. Therefore, our minister Athukorala filed an appeal before the Riyadh Court requesting it to reduce the punishment. The ministry has already made lawyers’ payments through the Saudi Embassy in Sri Lanka”.


  1. continued: Every Sri Lankan Male going to Saudi should undertake that they will not behave in such a manner as to put Any woman in trouble as in this case. This particular man has put a mother of two children in deaths way. He must be charged in Sri Lankan courts for committing murder once he returns.

  2. Sri Lanka should negotiate and sign agreements with Saudis to protect our employees in Saudi and to treat them under Sri Lankan Law. Increasing the number of workers should be the second concern. Protection under Sri Lankan and International Law should be our concern. For this all countries who send their workers to Middle east should join.

  3. If Sri Lanka path is to become a modern economy, Then the Old way of doing things must end. Its high time the Nation which has existed on the Slave Labour of it’s citizens to foreign nations must end. Its high time to modernise the education system and provided even to Adults who cannot Afford it. Encourage More Private Industry and service sector. This Cruel and Inhuman SLAVE LABOUR encouraged by Politicians without a vision leads to the suffering of our people and must end NOW.

    • Foreign Ministry in Sri Lanka should seriously give thought to this and to brief and educate all employees sent to Saudi Arabia very specially, about the strict laws and regulations prevailing there. The Holy cities are in Saudi Arabia and it is natural for them to govern with strict laws due to the huge amount of multi nationals working there. However we should take every effort to save the life of this lady and get her released from this penalty.

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