Nawaloka encourages diabetes screening

NawalokaTo commemorate the World Diabetes Day 2015, Nawaloka Hospitals has launched a Diabetes awareness campaign. A special Diabetes package with a 20% discount is available from 12th November to 12th December at the Serene Health Screening Center, in order to encourage people to determine if they are in a pre-diabetes stage or have already developed diabetes. With the continuing rise ofdiabetes this is an important step in dealing with the disease or preventing it altogether. Commercial Bank Debit and Credit cardholders will be eligible for a further 10% discount, during the aforementioned period.

“With diabetes being a growing non-communicable disease, it becomes more important that people test themselves early and identify if they are at risk. It can strike at any age and those who have a family history of the disease or live a sedentary lifestyle, are at greater risk of developing Diabetes. By offering these discounted packages we at Nawaloka are providing an opportunity to the general public to prevent and manage diabetes,” said Dr. Shan Perera, Head of Nawaloka Serene Health Screening Center.

The Serene Health Screening Center also offers tests for both known diabetics as well as undiagnosedindividuals. These diabetes-specific health check-ups encompass vital body function tests such as fastingblood sugar, lipid profile, full blood count, Body Mass Index (BMI), an eye evaluation, an electrocardiogram (ECG) and an ultrasound of one’s abdomen, as well as tests to ascertain one’s levels of Serum Creatine, free radicals and micro-albumin in urine, HbA1C blood glucose, liver enzymes, thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH), as well as others.

In addition, Nawaloka Hospitals will also raise awareness on Diabetes through a free seminar to be conducted at the Nawaloka Hospital auditorium on 21st November from 9am to 11am. Key speakers at this event will be Dr. Prasad Katulanda, Dr. Uditha Bulugahapitiya, and Dr. Ranil Jayawardena. This will be a golden opportunity for the general public to learn how to prevent or manage diabetes with a few simple changes to their lifestyle.

“Eating sensibly, coupled with a twenty-minute walk (daily) or simply using the stairway instead of the elevator, can mean the difference between contracting diabetes and preventing it. Diabetes is both a preventable and manageable disease” said Dr. ThilinieJayasekera.

November 14th was declared as the World Diabetes Day in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to the alarming rise of diabetes around theworld.


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