Cabinet Subcommittee on Sri Lankan identity

SriLanka-FlagA Cabinet Subcommittee is to be appointed to provide guidance to implement various programmes within the year 2016 to protect Sri Lanka’s identity.

It has been observed that it is essential to implement suitable programmes to have long lasting peace and reconciliation among the various communities living in Sri Lanka.

The Government said that although, each community has its own unique cultural and religious characteristics, they should be able to live in the country as well as abroad as one nation, and for this purpose the mindset of all Sri Lankans must change.

Accordingly, a proposal made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, to appoint a Cabinet Subcommittee to provide guidance to implement various programmes within the year 2016 to ensure the Sri Lankan identity, was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Lion holding a sword placed at the centre of a rectangle with pinnacles or Boa leaves at the corners symbolizes Lord Buddha. Buddha had been symbolized with the four animals Lion, elephant, horse and Bull. Seer the Lion Captital of Sarnath. First of all make necessary change in the National Flag!!


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