US envoy to UN Samantha Power to visit Jaffna

United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power Holds Press Conference At United NationsThe US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power will travel to India and Sri Lanka from November 18-23.

In Sri Lanka, Ambassador Power will highlight the United States’ commitment to strengthening the bilateral partnership, and she will underscore U.S. support for the country’s efforts toward reconciliation, accountability, and lasting peace in the aftermath of a devastating civil war. In Colombo, she will meet with senior government officials, community leaders, civil society groups, and youth.

While in Sri Lanka Ambassador Power will travel to the northern city of Jaffna to meet with local government officials and organizations and communities affected by the conflict.

There, she will meet with members of the local press corps, including by visiting the headquarters of Uthayan newspaper, which was targeted during the war.

Ambassador Power will also participate in the inauguration of a new wing of Osmania College, which suffered significant damage during the conflict, as well as tour the Jaffna Library, where she will announce U.S. support for the local restoration of ancient Tamil manuscripts.


  1. Some of Power’s foot in the mouth quotes “Samantha Power Says Daniel Pearl’s Death Was Part Of A Cycle Of Violence”, 2002 video, below, came to light, in which she called for the U.S. to invade Israel. “Hi everybody. You know life has changed when you’re hanging out with Jane Fonda backstage. There is no greater embodiment of being outspoken on behalf of what you believe in — and being ‘all in’ in every way — than Jane Fonda. And it’s a huge honor just to even briefly have shared the stage with her”. Good luck

  2. Can you provide a report on which country supported Tamil Tiger Terrorists in the war? Which weapon manufacturing country provided weapons to both the Government and Tamil Terrorists? No one needs to visit Jaffna now, as UN did nothing when Tamil Terrorists killed thousands of innocent people before the war ended. The world can see only one thing: previous Sri Lankan leaders became victims as they defeated the terrorists, which appears to hurt some weapon manufacturing nations.

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