CAA announces maximum retail prices for 6 items

Minister-Rishad-BadurdeenThe Consumer Affairs Authority has brought in a new set of  (MRP) for six essential consumer items with effect from Friday 20 November.

“The new maximum prices are introduced to safeguard consumers from sudden market hikes” Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen said.

Accordingly, the six essential items to which the Maximum Retail Prices (MRPs) has been introduced are Masoor Dhal (MRP Rs 190 per kilo), Potatoes (MRP Rs 145 per kilo), Big Onion (MRP Rs 155 per kilo), Chicken Meat (whole chicken- Without skin-MRP Rs 480 per kilo), Packetted Wheat Flour (MRP Rs 95 per kilo), and Dried Chillies (MRP Rs 355 per kilo).

The five essential items where prices have not been changed and remain the same (as previously gazetted) are un-packetted white sugar (gazetted price, still at Rs 87 per kilo), packetted white sugar (gazetted price still at Rs 95 per kilo), un-packetted wheat flour (gazetted price, still at Rs 87 per kilo), canned fish net weight 425g-drained weight 280g (gazetted price, still at Rs 140), and canned fish net weight 155g-drained weight 105g (gazetted price, still at Rs 70).  (Colombo Gazette)