CDB Felicitates Long Service Team Members

1Celebrating its milestone two decades in operation as a highly successful corporate steward and financial services industry leader, Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) gave its credo of stakeholder responsibility true meaning when it felicitated the loyalty and dynamism of team members who have undoubtedly been the axis of its successful journey. Felicitating those who have been with CDB for over ten years or more, the Company places its team as the raison d’etre behind its success, crediting them with unparalleled dedication, unmatched service mindset and most of all an unwavering need to innovate, which has undoubtedly given CDB a competitive edge.

As mentioned by Mahesh Nanayakkara, CDB Managing Director/CEO at the gala felicitation ceremony where twenty team members received a unique 20th anniversary memento, “CDB’s journey of two decades denotes a passion and commitment that only a highly motivated team can give unreservedly. They have aligned themselves to ensure that CDB’s vision that is centered on the cornerstones of entrepreneurship, innovation and elevation of stakeholder lifestyles, is realised.  To us, this makes up the heart and soul of what CDB is all about.”

For the past 20 years, the CDB team have been an inherent part of positioning CDB as a formidable player within the financial services industry, achieving its mission of enriching people’s life through extension of financial services by a people driven business approach built on human emotions, human passion and human spirit. Hence, to recognise, honour and express gratitude for their industriousness, innovative capabilities and unmatched excellence in everything they do, the felicitation ceremony also included other rewards for team members whose passion and loyalty to CDB remains unmatched. 36 team members, excluding management who have completed ten years of service, were presented with a foreign tour, in addition to funding assistance being extended to their spouses and children to join them on this holiday. As such, a total of 79 team members and their families enjoyed a fun filled tour of Malaysia recently.

Team members in management were presented with a foreign tour. In addition, recognition was extended to 22 long standing team members in management who had over ten years service and 8 with a service period of over 15 years, encompassing long service members in the management cadre.

For Nanayakkara, this team is surely the backbone of CDB.  “The challenges in our twenty year journey have been many, but our team has only gained strength from each of these challenges to emerge victorious. And it is indeed apt that we celebrate their valuable contribution.”  Stating that this team has been the driving force for each milestone notched in the past twenty years, he adds, “This emotionally engaged team with a common passion and the right spirit gave CDB the impetus to transform from a negative net-worth and losses exceeding revenue scenario in 2001-2002 period, to a leading financial entity in Sri Lanka. The impressive reputation we have gained from our stakeholders and the respect we have earned as a responsible corporate steward with an unblemished track record speaks volumes for our winning team.”


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