Mahinda calls for global resolve to fight terrorism

MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the terrorist attack in France has once again underscored the need for global resolve in dealing firmly with terrorism.

In a statement issued today, Rajapaksa said that it is with shock and disbelief that he heard of the terrorist attacks in Paris which has left well over 100 people dead and scores more injured.

“Only those who have endured the same agony will fully understand what the people of France are going through at this moment. Sri Lanka suffered the scourge of terrorism for well over three decades and attacks similar to that which has just taken place in Paris were commonplace in Sri Lanka. This is why my government resolved firmly to put an end to terrorism. Today, my country is at peace with no terrorist attack reported since May 2009,” he said.

Rajapaksa conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families in France and sympathies with those injured.

“This barbaric act of terrorism perpetrated against ordinary citizens has once again underscored the need for global resolve in dealing firmly with terrorism. I wish to express solidarity with the people of France at this moment of travail,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What about the sacrifices made by our valiant Army, Navy & the Air-force? What about Sarath Fonseka?
    Hence Mahinda should Not be credited for the entire Victory.
    The LTTE held a portion of our country for years and had prominent Guests from abroad.
    We were helpless. We had to go begging to the West to buy sophisticated armory & to ban the LTTE fund raisers.
    With the help of the US, Canada, UK, EU, Pakistan, India and China; we were able to defeat the LTTE.
    Hence it is Not only MR who defeated the LTTE.
    We Lankan s have a very short Memory.

  2. Sri lanka is enjoying the freedom since the former president took courage and synergy to defeat terrorism. I appreciate and respect former president for rescuing our nation from terrorists, I am not a fan of Mahinda Rajapaksha. I did not like his ruling in some other areas of administration.
    Generally people should realize what he did to our country when no other country supported to get the trouble of terrorism out of our place. Come on people ……terrorism is not a choice in today’s world…

  3. Let us leave aside whatever faults MR and Bro. in regard to corruption and waste, they eradicated terrorism in Sri Lanka. The very people who regarded MR with contempt are today realizing the full impact of terrorism. I may not agree with MR and family on what they did after the war, BUT I fully endorse what he says now and what he has been saying all along: this is a global problem.

  4. Well said the modern hero of Sri Lanka. I still cant believe there are Sinhalese idiots who have swallowed the western intelligence pill and throw mud at you. I suppose the very same people will be looking for you to rescue the country when their puppets Ranil and MS fails. Just like it happened in Iran. Or they will just flee SL with their money and leave the poor to fight, yet again.

  5. Rajapaksa did the biggest mistake in his life by defeating Tamil Terrorists in Sri Lanka, which was the “Brain” of Tamil Terrorism. Similar to ISIS, still there are Tamil Tiger Terrorists in many countries such as England, Australia, Canada, USA, India and in many other European countries; they are (even now) actively involved in murders, drug trafficking, robberies etc.. but there is no special reference by respective governments as “actions of Tamil Terrorists” although it is known who is behind those. This is how terrorism is thriving the world. Anyone can fight with terrorism but you are in big trouble as soon as you suggest to “eradicate” terrorism. Rajapaksa became a target because some countries are leading weapon manufacturers and they need “customers” to sell weapons.

  6. ISIS planning to attack US.France,UK and Russia.All countries should get together and eradicate completely this terrorists from this Planet. Muslims want entire wold become Muslim world. They don’t like other religions. They religious manic people. They destroyed world heritage Bahamian Buddihist statues. President Rajapaksha will tell you all how to destroy ISIS. We have few ISIS in Sri Lanka too. BODUBALASENA is constantly watching this matter.

  7. How can globe resolve this problem when western countries sells weapons to Saudi Arabia. Last year Canada has sold 500 million worth weapons to Saudi Arabia without checking Human records of that country. Saudi arabia is major terrorist player in the middle east. US UK talking rubbish by selling behind weapons to Middle East. This is not terrorism but terror business to west world. Islam ideology is perfect campaign for that matter.

  8. When terrorists are terrorizing eastern countries west and Europe called them “Freedom Fighting”, while terrorism in western and European world is “Extremism”

  9. “Mahinda calls for global resolve to fight terrorism”

    It won’t happen; if it does the West can’t continue to rule the world. Supporting terrorism is part of the divide and rule strategy. Who supported indirectly Sri Lanka’s longest civil war in Asia? Who created Muslim Brotherhood and made Islam as violence religion, in order to defeat Russians in Afghanistan? Who trained and supported Bin Laden? Who nurtured and supported ISIS, including full access to social media to recruit young people all around the world?

    • Look who is talking.Bloody hypocrite. Trying to score some rosy points for the bloody genocide he committed with the western world.Here is a common criminal who instigated racism and robbed the whole country lock stock and barrel with his family.


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