Sri Lankan boat found at sea in India

05VZ_BACKWATERS_1574262fAn abandoned mechanised boat believed to be from Sri Lanka was found in the Bay of Bengal close to the coast in Nagayalanka mandal in the Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, India. Fishermen who observed the boat floating in waters alerted the Nagayalanka police today, The Hindu newspaper reported.

Police who rushed to the spot decoded the language written in Tamil and confirmed that the boat belonged to Sri Lanka. They seized the boat along with the nets found in it. However, no person or body was found in the boat.

“The half-damaged boat was found near Light House in the sea. The boat engine was intact and information has been passed on to Marine Police for further investigation,” said Avanigadda Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Shaik Khadar Basha.

Police suspect that the boat got submerged in waters a few days ago and got washed ashore due to high tides during the recent depression. The Nagayalanka police are making efforts to bring the boat to the shore.

“As none claimed the boat, we registered a case under Section 102 (Unauthorised or Suspicious Property) of IPC. We will handover the boat to Mandal Revenue Officer for inquest. The Marine Police will inform the matter to their counterparts of Sri Lanka and the local fishermen,” the DSP added.


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