Space object ‘WT1190F’ not sighted near Lanka

wtfThe space object WT1190F which was to crash near Sri Lankan waters this morning, was not sighted and is believed to have burnt while entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Scientists had earlier said that the manmade junk, officially designated WT1190F but nicknamed WTF, will fall this morning in the sea near Sri Lanka.

Much of the hollow object, which may be a spent rocket stage or panelling shed by a recent Moon mission, was expected to burn up in the atmosphere while a small piece was to crash near Sri Lanka.

An international team of astronomers were using it to test emergency plans for dealing with potentially apocalyptic space objects. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I am soooo hopeless and very sad as i am so interested in this scene.Are you sure that it was completly burnt in the atmosphere

  2. Most highlighted news become burned out before the event on re-entry viz; Senadhipathy’s news briefing and now WTF space garbage.

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