Hutch launches SmartShare data service

Hutch SmartshareHutch, one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing 3G networks, introduces “Hutch SmartShare”, a breakthrough innovation that allows Hutch subscribers to maintain just one common data balance for all their  smart devices. The facility enables multiple devices to access data from one common mobile data account nullifying complexities encountered when managing individual data balances for each of your devices.

Over the last two years, 3G broadband devices are increasingly being adopted in Sri Lanka due to reducing prices in both devices as well as data. The trend is now for individuals to own multiple 3G devices including Dongles, Tabs, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Gaming consoles etc.

Subscribers who manage multiple SIMs for each mobile device is challenged to recall the mobile numbers every time a device needs to be topped up. Remembering expiry dates and tracking multiple data quotas for each device are also added burdens. Hutch SmartShare is ‘the’ ideal solution for the complexities of managing data quotas for all of these devices. Hutch SmartShare, is offered absolutely free of charge.  No Rentals or Activation fees.

According to Mohamed Hamdhy Hassen – Head of Marketing at Hutch, the initial response for this service has been overwhelming with over a couple of thousand Hutch subscribers already using this service. It was noted that the dongle user segment in particular found this service very useful due to the difficulty in recalling of mobile number, and for selecting data packs for top ups as well as checking on the balance/expiry.

Hutch is the first mobile operator to launch this value added service for both the pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. It clearly demonstrates that the company’s innovative advancement is in line with evolving consumer lifestyles.

Through SmartShare the ‘master’ data account is accessible by all assigned member devices. The data quotas available in the master account is available for all member devices to use seamlessly. This allows subscribers to buy larger value-for-money packs to be shared by all their connected devices and enjoy savings. Hutch has developed a simple to use USSD based menu allowing subscribers to easily add and delete devices connected to a ‘master’ data account whenever needed.

Thirukumar Nadarasa, Chief Executive Officer – Hutch explained, “Since launching the latest 3G services more than 3 years ago, Hutch has successfully established itself as a leading 3G service provider with a rapidly growing 3G data subscriber base.” He further added “We are pleased with our performance to date and are confident that the 3G market in Sri Lanka still offers tremendous potential for future growth. This initiative reinforces our mission to continue delivering the best quality 3G service experience at the most affordable rates”.