Hartal in the North over prisoner issue

1447385910_hartal4A hartal was held in the North and East today over the failure to release Tamil political prisoners arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

The Jaffna town was in a complete shutdown with stores closed and public transport not operating as a result of the hartal.

Schools in Jaffna were closed while banks and all public institutions were also shut in support of the protest.

The hartal was called for to demand the release of all Tamil political prisoners and to also push the Government to repeal the PTA. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sambanthan, Sumanthiran and Mavai Senathirajah should have joined the hunger strike as promised along with the Tamil political prisoners.
    It is utter rubbish when the president says to the Chief Minister of Northern Province ” My wish is to release all the Tamil political prisoners but because of political pressure that he is unable to do it”. Then he cannot be the president of the country.

  2. It is a waste of time, less productivity and inconvenience. Still Tamils listen to foolish leaders. Tamil leaders must go on a hunger strike, if they really care about the Tamil prisoners, instead of causing incontinence and affecting economy negatively. Tamil leaders must go on a hunger strike and die, because they had done an irreversible damage to Tamils. They guided young Tamils into a wrong path, now having crocodile tears. Tamils can’t take intelligent decision, because the Tamil leaders act on behalf of the West and India. Intelligent Tamils can’t help Tamil people, because Tamil leaders won’t allow them. Tamils are the biggest enemies for Tamils. In 1526 first slaves were brought to the US. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln abolished the slave trade. In 1963 African Americans got equal rights; but got voting rights in 1965. From 1526 to 1965 African Americans never took arms against the majority, but educated the majority to respect and value their fellow citizens. But Tamil leaders joined with India took arms against the majority, killed Sinhalese and Tamils; then joined with the West and killed Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Indians. Tamil leaders are dangerous creatures, they are disgraceful for the 21st century humanity. Tamils need smart leadership. Therefore, the government has to take steps to help them. The Sri Lankan government is enjoying the Tamils’ foolish leadership and their divisions. It helped the government to defeat the LTTE. Now the LTTE has been eliminated and the situation has changed, if the government continue enjoy Tamils’ foolishness and divisions it will affect the Tamils adversely and put Sinhalese in danger as well.

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