Sumanthiran holds key talks in Australia

JB_1Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament Sumanthiran and Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) representatives including Reginald Jeganathan, Chairman of the ATC had a successful meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in Canberra this week. The Member of Parliament for Reid Craig Laundy MP also participated.

They also had detailed discussions with senior Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officials including the First Secretary for South and West Asia Kathy Klugman (former Australian High Commissioner).

Further meetings were held with Shadow Ministers and MPs from the opposition Labour Party Michelle Rowland MP- Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism hosted the meeting.

Possible Australian participation in the judicial processes to be set up as per the UNHRC resolution and the present crisis regarding the Tamil political prisoner release figured prominently in the discussions.

Other issues discussed in detail were the role Australia could play on political negotiations in Sri Lanka, economic development projects in the North and East and facilitating Tamil diaspora involvement in reconciliation processes.

Australian Tamil Congress conveyed the appreciation of the Tamil Community for the constructive role Australia is playing on promoting peace, justice, reconciliation and prosperity for all communities of Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Raj, We are living in peace now and do not try to create trouble. Only people like you, non citizens of Sri Lanka, have a hidden agenda to raise LTTE flag again. CVW knows that well and that is why, in order to survive in politics, he pretends to support LTTE. Sumanthiran and Sambaandan are the only two MPs who are most popular among the voting Tamils now. They have no obligation to answer you people, the foreigners. What bloody genocide you all are talking other than inflicted by LTTE on Tamils for the last 25 yrs.

  2. Let us hope that the Australian Foreign Ministry wont be dragged down the garden path by these individuals who were either silent or supported wholeheartedly the LTTE terrorists, during their brutal campaign to wipe out Sinhalese and Muslims from their homes in the North and East as well as the targeted massacre of Sinhalese Buddhists in place like the Sri Maha Bodhi, Temple of the Tooth and Buddhist temples in other parts of the country. Now these people are trying to convert brutal terrorists to innocent political prisoners and get them released from jails. What a joke.

  3. The reality is true Australians are far worse off than Sri Lankan Tamils. Four out of seven Australian indigenous children are damaging their brain by paint and petrol sniffing before they even get into teenage life. If the children escape this particular trap they get caught in alcohol and drugs once they got into teenage life. Hardly anyone complete high school. The Australia’s injustice was systematically engineered by the power elites to make sure that indigenous communities won’t progress to have knowledge, in order to control indigenous people’s resources freely.

    Self-centered Tamil leaders don’t question the Australian government’s human rights abuses, nor supported me to make a difference in the outback of Australia. The GTF, the TGTE and the TNA leaders don’t say a word against the Western governments’ war crimes or human rights abuses, but supporting the Western interests in the Indian Ocean at the expense of Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and Indians. Tamil leasers supported the longest civil war in Asia. It says a lot about them. They are dangerous creatures, and disgraceful for the 21st century humanity.

  4. Actually Sumanthiran should resign from his post since most Tamils start to suspect Sumanthiran agenda. He seems to be working on a hidden agenda. He is countering other Tamils who voice for the justice. He does not have international law experience but he thinks he is an expert and others’ opinions are nothing. He thinks only he is right everything else is wrong.

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