Rajitha rubbishes claims by Wijeyadasa Rajapaksha

RajithaCabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne today rubbished claims made by Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapaksha on the Avant Garde issue.

The cabinet spokesman said that Rajapaksha never spoke a word on the issue at the special meeting held yesterday with President Maithripala Sirisena.

The Justice Minister had told reporters today the Government had not decided to cancel all deals with Avant Garde Maritime Services (Pvt) Ltd and hand over the weapons on the floating armory operated by the company to the navy as was claimed by Senaratne yesterday.

Avant Garde Maritime Services (Pvt) Ltd was accused of failing to follow proper procedures when operating a floating armory. The floating armory was given clearance by the former Government.

Speaking at the post cabinet press briefing today, Senaratne maintained that a decision had been taken on  Avant Garde.

He lashed out at the Justice Minister saying Rajapaksha was never faithful to one political party.

Meanwhile, Senaratne also claimed that the floating armory operating by Avant Garde had switched off its GPS system when it had gone past the Maldives while on its way to Galle recently.

He said that there was suspicion over the move as it was during this time that a security issue arose in the Maldives.


  1. Reading all this crap time again makes me feel that a peoples’s revolution is not far away.
    If MR govt was bad My3 and RW alliance seems to be worse, in fact every effort is being made by the My3/RW alliance to to cover up all the negative activities of the previous regime.
    The masses, are not going to sleep for long listeneing to this cock and bull stories of Mys / RW and their corrupt bench of ministers on a daily basis.
    You can fool some people sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Sri Lankans, specially the self calling Sinhala Buddhists are patient and tolerant but it won’t last long because after almost an year what people hear is lamp post gossip and “baba
    hukum” talk from the government while wanted criminals are freely roaming around and are also revered and saluted by the airport staff when travelling overseas as if they were free people whilst a
    an ordinary person cannot even travel on a valid visa
    to Arab countries without being hounded by the FEB stationed at the Colombo Airport where they MUST pay the FEB or miss the flight and many of these poor maids have many a time lost their flight and borrwed money too which is like the bull goring the man who fell off the tree.

  2. we agree with you sir,Dr Rajithaa senaratne
    wijedasa Rajapakse is a born looser and horrific liar
    he is not worth two cents face value,has leaked all valuable information to Gota amd corrupt Mr and clan’
    get out wijedasa you dirty Moron

  3. This open mouthed man (he must have seen open mouths in his profession) should not transgress his bounds. He is not a lawyer to comment on Rajapakse’s legal opinion. After all Rajapakse is still a minister of this government. He cannot act according to the wishes of people whose only motive is to witch hunt former President’s family.

    • I agree with the majority comments. Rajitha act like a bull in the china shop. His statement and. Action shows how irresponsible and how low he is. But in another way , we can feel there is a well planned agenda to dis credit RW and UNP to grab the power. He may have a plan for Rajapaksha mafia. But showing all against them.i warned UNP to keep the unity and corporate with president for the sake of good governance and for the people of this country. We all know who is Rajitha and who is Champika. We may not agree with Marapana and Wijatadasa. Because individuals are not important here as he says. Only policy matters.


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