Government accused of violating Geneva deal

RudraThe Government has been accused of violating the Geneva agreement by failing to secure the release of Tamil political prisoners.

Former LTTE member and leader of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam TGTE) Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran said that the continued indeterminate detention of these prisoners constitutes continuing serious breaches of international law.

He said that all of the Tamil prisoners have been held because of their alleged involvement in the country’s armed conflict, a conflict that ended on May 18, 2009.

The TGTE demands that the government of Sri Lanka fulfill its obligations under international law and immediately release all Tamil prisoners currently being held.

The also TGTE calls upon the government of Sri Lanka and the international community to publicly recognize these detainees as persons protected by international law.

“Their continued detention without any end in sight is a serious breach of the Geneva conventions and customary international law,” Rudrakumaran said.

The TGTE also called on the Norwegian government, which has previously acted as a facilitator during the conflict, and the Co-Chairs of the Ceasefire Agreement, namely the US, UK, EU, and Japan and India, to intervene and urge Sri Lanka to meet its obligations under international law.

The TGTE also called upon the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights to use his good offices to effect the immediate release of those held in violation of international law.

On the 12thof October, nearly 200 Tamil prisoners held in Sri Lanka began a hunger strike calling for their immediate release. It was reported that three of them had been hospitalized  because of their deteriorating condition.

Following that, the Sri Lankan government gave the hunger strikers an assurance that it would resolve the issue of their continued detention before the 7thof November. The Tamil prisoners suspended their hunger strike relying on this assurance but stated they would resume their fast if they remain detained after November 7th. It was reported that the Sri Lankan government was considering releasing 32 persons on bail before November 9th and another group of 30 persons before November 28th. The Tamil prisoners saying that the above was not satisfactory have now resumed their hunger strike. Most of the 200 Tamils detained for over six years have never been formally charged with any crime. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr V Rudrakumaran and TNA leaders must go on a hunger strike, if they really care about the Tamils prisoners. They must go on a hunger strike and die, because they had done an irreversible damage to Tamils. They guided young Tamils into a wrong path, now sheding crocodile tears.

    • Why do you think so? Tamils should take intelligent decision. Only foolish can go on hunger strike to get attention of war criminals. If anyone can commit war crimes in whci Tamils were massacared in throusands of Tamils, how can anyone can expect justice from the same war criminals?

      • Tamils can’t take intelligent decision, because the Tamil leaders act on behalf of the West and India. Intelligent Tamils can’t help Tamil people, because Tamil leaders won’t allow them. Tamils are the biggest enemies for Tamils. In 1526 first slaves were brought to the US. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln abolished the slave trade. In 1963 African Americans got equal rights. In 1965 African Americans got voting rights. From 1526 to 1965 African Americans never took arms against the majority, but educated the majority to respect and value their fellow citizens. But you fools joined with India took arms against the majority and killed Sinhalese and Tamils; then joined with the West and killed Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Indians. You are dangerous creatures, you are disgraceful for the 21st century humanity. I wish I wasn’t born among you.

  2. Amazing! The man stands in front of a rag showing a tiger’s face, surrounded by a cartridge belt and two crossed “killer” weapons and calls on the Sri Lanka government to release the tigers held in prison!! Amazing ! And there are many who go along just for popularity’s sake.

  3. this guy violate basic ethics must follow by attorney. now making big statements. just keep your mouth closed until some matters are settled by TNA leaders with government in peaceful manner. this man will loss his income and position the way thinks are happening in sri lanka.

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