No instructions from AG, Tamil detainees remanded

DSC_0538The first batch of Tamil detainees who were to be set free today were further remanded by Court as the Attorney General had no informed Court about the bail.

The Court remanded 32 Tamil prisoners till November 24 when they were produced in Court today.

The Prisons Department said yesterday that the Attorney General had informed the Department that 31 Tamil detainees will be given bail and can be freed today.

The Prisons Department said that more Tamil detainees arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) are expected to be given bail over the next few days.

Tamil political prisoners resumed their fast on Monday in protest over the failure by the Government to keep its promise and release all of them.

At least 29 Tamil detainees at the Anuradhapura prison were among those who resumed the fast on Monday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. New government very good at delivering promises
    before election . digging bodies , bribery , corruption etc…..let refresh again a month before election in five years time

  2. This is one in the series of melodrama hosted by MS and RW group. How mich of back and forth is happening on the prosoners’ issue. Dithering and dilly dallying is enough to kill the prosoners rather than their fast unto death! Shame on the govt and TNA for trifling with the lives of people.


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