MR notes key role played by Sobitha thero

Mahinda RajapaksaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa today noted the key role played by the venerable Maduluwave Sobitha thero in National issues.

In a message of condolence, Rajapaksa said that the venerable Maduluwave Sobitha thero had carried out an immense service to the Nation during the war and following the devastating 2004 tsunami.

The venerable Maduluwave Sobitha thero was considered to be the architect in the defeat of Rajapaksa at the last Presidential election.

In his condolence message, Rajapaksa recalled the attack on the venerable Maduluwave Sobitha thero when he staged a protest against the Indo-Lanka accord and the pain he suffered when the Kotte Naga Viharaya Temple and the Abeyarama Temple came under attack.

Rajapaksa said he was thankful to the support the venerable Maduluwave Sobitha thero gave during the war against the LTTE and the post war programe of the former Government. (Colombo Gazette)



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