Maldives lifts state of emergency with immediate effect

Dunya MaumoonThe Government of the Maldives today has lifted the state of emergency in the country with immediate effect. With the lifting of the state of emergency, all fundamental rights that were suspended, have been restored. The state of emergency was declared on 4th November for a period of 30 days. The emergency was initially brought in to aid security forces’ efforts in tracking down weapons associated with alleged plots against both political leaders and the general public.

The Government reached its decision to lift the state of emergency, seven-days after it was declared, after the security forces advised the President that the individuals who held illegal weapons have been arrested, and the overall security situation in the country has improved. Earlier in the day, the Maldives police announced that significant progress have also been made in the investigation into the blast in the Presidential Launch. The President also took into consideration, calls by friendly governments and international organizations to lift the state of emergency.

Commenting, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon said: ‘The State of Emergency, as the Government has always stated, was implemented because of an exceptional threat to the safety and security of people and public property. The Government had a duty to ensure that such a threat was neutralised and that investigations could be urgently carried out without interference. We are delighted this matter was dealt with so swiftly.’

‘The Maldives Police and Defence Forces have done a fantastic job over the last week. We are confident that the individuals who are wanted in the investigation will be brought to face justice and we reassure to everyone that justice will be served.’

‘During the state of emergency, the Maldives remained calm and life continued as normal. The country has stayed open for business with international tourists and we equally thank them for continuing with their holidays. We are equally appreciative of all Maldivians who showed patience as we dealt with these concerning threats to national security. All of us look forward to getting back on a more normal footing.’


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