First batch of Tamil detainees to be freed

jailThe first batch of Tamil detainees will be set free tomorrow, the Prisons Department said today after being informed of the decision by the relevant authorities.

The Prisons Department said that the Attorney General has informed the Department that 31 Tamil detainees will be given bail and can be freed tomorrow.

The Prisons Department said that more Tamil detainees arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) are expected to be given bail over the next few days.

Tamil political prisoners resumed their fast yesterday in protest over the failure by the Government to keep its promise and release all of them.

At least 29 Tamil detainees at the Anuradhapura prison were among those who resumed the fast yesterday.

The Government was to release 30 Tamil detainees on Monday and another 32 by next week but the detainees wanted all those arrested under the PTA to be set free.

Nearly 200 Tamil detainees had launched a hunger strike recently demanding their release and the fast was suspended following an assurance given by the Government that they will be freed.

However subsequently the Government said that only a few will be released while the rest will have their cases expedited. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Releasing is not a solution. Sri Lanka needs to follow what USA does to prevent terrorism; investigate thoroughly on each suspect and find all links to them. These terrorists are a very important part of staging another terrorist attack; so, many countries of weapon manufacturers will support releasing of terrorists. Sri Lanka needs a government which does not surrender to terrorists.

  2. The war was over six years ago and not a single shot was heard.. Please arrange to remove the PTA legislation and practice the normal law. Why should we keep the innocent people behind the bar. The President has the power to do anything. They are also part of our society and can’t we rehabilitate them ?.

  3. TNA must take responsibility and accountability of Tamil LTTE hardcore terrorist of who want to be that destroy to national security. This is another example that anti-establishment policy of democracy by TNA.

    TNA is an opposition party , that is not working with democracy system of governances.
    Ranil.W..of UNP . M. Sirisena and CBK of SLFP is responsible of all evils done our nation since 2015 January 9th.


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