Moves to oust Wigneswaran from TNA

WigneswaranMoves are underway to remove Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

The move follows statements made continuously by Wigneswaran against the TNA leadership.

The Jaffna based media quoted some TNA parliamentarians as saying they support moves to remove Wigneswaran from the TNA.

Wigneswaran contested the last Northern Provincial Council elections under the TNA ticket and won the polls and was made Chief Minister.

However at the last Parliamentary elections Wigneswaran had not supported the TNA and instead decided to remain neutral. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Thieves and thugs in the TNA,are trying to oust Mr.VIGNESWARAN,who always talks the truth.He is a perfectionist.As far as the tamils are concerned a person like him is essential for the tamil community at present unlike the bootlickers like Sumandiran and others. These cut throats and culprits don’t have backbones.

  2. Since TNA doesn’t seem to represent the interest of Eelam Tamils, it may be more prudent for their MPs to cross over to other side, the ruling govt.

  3. Do not worry about the Tamils live in overseas. Think about and sit together with majority . Sort out the prbs.
    All tamil in Srilanka support TNA . Let them sort out things without the help of outside forces

  4. Tamils can’t work together; this is their biggest weakness. Therefore, Tamil children need be taught the value and power of unity at schools. We need to create a smart generation, but Tamil leaders are pretending everything is fine. Tamil leaders do not want to acknowledge their divisions; it will continue to put Tamils one step behind.


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