Release of political prisoners a must says TULF

AnandasangareeTamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General V Anandasangaree says the release of the Tamil political prisoners is a must and cannot be avoided.

In a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena, Anandasangaree noted with regret and much concern the decision taken by the President and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at a meeting they had with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) headed by R. Sampanthan on the issue.

He says the decision will only make things worse. It was decided at that meeting to release a few Tamil political detainees over the next few days.

“I feel justified in demanding the unconditional release of those in Prison. First of all rightly or wrongly the entire country, the Tamils in particular fully believed,that they will be released. This was the type of campaign some political parties made during the Parliamentary Elections and also the general feeling was that all the burning questions would be sorted out including the release of the prisoners, after your election as President. Unfortunately although almost all expectations had been fulfilled this one and may be some others of less importance are still pending. You successfully and promptly dealt with the issues like the re- appoint of the chief Justice, the Army Comander Sarath Fonseka and many such other. But delay in solving this problem will give room forvarious speculations and misunderstandings. I don’t want this government to be misunderstood. Some may even start campaigning against you,” Anandasangaree said.

Anandasangaree noted that Deepavali is an important festival for Hindus and the tradition is mainly merrymaking and the prisoners should be released before the festival day.

“The house wives get engaged in making sweet meets new dress for the children decorating the house and such other activities. The Deepavali that is coming shortly is of much importance since they have started dreaming as to how to celebrate it from the day your candidature was announced for the Presidential Elections. Their intention is to celebrate the home coming of their dear ones after a long lapse of time. The latest decision of yours has made things worse and they are all much disappointed and distressed,” he said.
Anandasangaree said that he was also surprised that Sampanthan and his team are happy with the decision to release some Tamil prisoners in batches and others some day in the future.

“It is a pity that these TNA members could not foresee the consequences when they are released in batches. The whole thing appears to be akin to a “gamarala” story. But strangely enough they are proud of this achievement when in fact this decision had brought more misery. Your Excellency if your worry to release them is the opposition shown by some members of Parliament, if you assigned the task to me I will gladly meet them and convince them that their release will be beneficial to the country and will not cause any harm. Your Excellency please understand the feelings of the wives, children and parents who had been very hopeful of a re- union taking place on the seventh. I strongly urge that you must take a very courageous decision in this matter, release all of them unconditionally and explain to the country what factors compel you to take this decision and prove to the world that you are a fit and proper person to rule the country with the determination to bring all the people under a just rule as equals in this country,” Anandasangaree added. (Colombo Gazette)



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