Fonseka ready to countersue Wijeydasa

general_sarath_fonsekaField Marshall Sarath Fonseka says he will  countersue Justice Minister Wijeydasa Rajapaksha in relation to comments made on the Avant Garde issue.

Fonseka said that he will sue Rajapaksha for Rs. 500 million and added that he has all the evidence required to back allegations against the Justice Minister.

Rajapaksha had earlier said he had decided to sue Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka over a defamatory statement made by him.

Rajapaksha is to sue Fonseka for Rs. 500 million as damages for the statement he had made this week.

Fonseka had accused Rajapaksha of taking bribes and attempting to hide facts relating to the Avant Garde issue.

Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka said that he had made a similar statement on Rajapaksha even during the August 17 Parliament election period and he stands by that statement even today. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Kick Rajapaksha out, what are MS and RW doing, perhaps they should be kicked out, and a fresh group brought in.
    After all they are all on the same side against the people


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