Top businesswoman Soma Edirisinghe passes away

soma_01Top businesswoman Soma Edirisinghe passed away today at a private hospital. She was 76 years old.

Edirisinghe was the chairperson of the EAP Group of companies.

Her career as an entrepreneur began in 1974 with the sudden demise of her husband EAP Edirisinghe, the founder of the EAP group of Companies.

From that day onwards she has been playing the role of Chairperson of the EAP Group of Companies. The Organization which consists of 25 subsidiaries deals in diverse areas of businesses such as broadcasting, telecasting, financial services, insurance, production and exhibition of films, retailing gold jewellery and pawning services, housing and land sales, hotels, importing and retailing of vehicles etc. She also produced several Sinhala movies. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You are a blessed human being. A gift to the fellow humans. You kindness will remain in the minds of the people near and far.
    Perhaps, God needs your services with Him rather than
    in this material world.
    DEATH is an unkind end to those revered by many.
    It does not matter which religion or race, rich or poor,
    black or white, beautiful or ugly, DEATH is certain.
    From the time of birth, the path, short or long, leads only in one direction, towards DEATH.
    They say that DEATH is attached to you so we have nothing to lose if we can be kind to our fellow human beings and to those who are not human called animals.

  2. We were shockedto here in US, the pathetic news of the demise of Soma Edirisinghe, an exemplary business tycoon but more a social service, religious and civic conscious personality. Her left hand did not know what her right hand gave away.When other business women were earning and hoarding, Soma was earning and distributing for deserving charities.In the absence of EAP the breadwinner, she brought up her children to pose as an example to other rich siblings.A Sinhala Buddhist business era thus ened. Soma is really a Diriya Mawa,a beacon light thus extinguished, Sadly..

  3. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE SOMA. Thank you for the services contributed to Mother Sri Lanka. You were a wonderful person God sent to this planet earth.

  4. Kind assistance both financial and otherwise, this lady had offered to the hundreds of poor heart patients of this country will certainly guide her soul towards the supreme bliss on Nirvana !!

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