SAITM controversy raised in Parliament

SAITMThe controversy over the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) in Malabe was raised in Parliament today.

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake alleged that SAITM was involved in fraud and the failure by the new Government to take action against the institute proves that the new Government is also supporting fraud and corruption.

He said that SAITM continues to deceive the public by offering degrees not recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

Dissanayake said that the SLMC had informed the Ministry of Health that it does not recognize the degrees offered by SAITM.

The SLMC had also published newspaper advertisements saying it does not recognize degrees offered by SAITM but SAITM had later published advertisements saying its degrees were recognized locally and internationally.

Dissanayake however said that SAITM misled the public by claiming it was affiliated to a recognized medical institute in Russia.

He said that President Maithripala Sirisena, when he was the Health Minister in the former Government, had submitted a report on SAITM which gives in detail some of the discrepancies at SAITM.

The JVP leader called for the report by Sirisena on SAITM to be tabled in Parliament. He also questioned if the Health Ministry had received a report by the SLMC on SAITM.

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne confirmed that the report had been received and that the recommendations in the report will be implemented. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If 1 mark is not enough we cant enter to the university, but goons who took lowest marks become DOCTORS , ENGINEERS … what a hell , jape is this . please make attention on other degrees grant by that institute also.

  2. SLMC prez. always publicity craving Marxist. Now boosted being head of all trade unions and great will be the fall like Marx died in London, He enjoyed taking over NCMC and now will not give up grabbing SAITM. Surely someone has authority over him. An Australian doctor wrote ———-Commission granted by the Act of Parliament is to ‘accredit’ the Medical Institutions engaged in Medical Education by checking their course of studies, clinical practices etc. and if it meets the above requirements in accordance with the Chapter 105 of the Medical Ordinance, to grant accreditation to such Institutions, but not to request the Minister or any other Authority like the University Grant Commission (UGC) not to recognize the Medical Degree offered by such Institutions or SAITM. If the SLMC understood the meaning of the words “POWERS TO MAINTAIN” means that they should examine and direct the SAITM to direct their medical education meeting the Medical Ordinance and if they are not meeting the above requirements, then the SLMC should take up this matter with the Minister of Higher Education and the UGC in a very confidential manner. Due to SLMC failure to understand what their responsibilities are now trying to stop the accreditation of the degree offered by this institution, where students are enrolled under UGC supervision meeting UGC guidelines, without guiding the SAITM and the others involved in providing medical education to citizens of Sri Lanka by correcting their teaching methods.

  3. SLMC 3 reasons against SAITM are 1.some clinical deficit which is now being corrected as recommended by the inspecting team, and 2 fields of forensic and community medicine available only in govt. All private MBBS coming back from abroad also have this same deficiency and SLMC allows them after govt. training but have said NO to SAITM for this training showing double standards. Why? What is the answer? Replace the demented SLMC head and registrar with reasonable, balanced humans beings with convictions other than trade union pressure. GMOA wont strike for long periods with loss of private practice, and the natural healing experienced by many will prove that some of these jokers are best avoided. AMS is not with hard core GMOA

  4. We have to think of the students. If the saitm is closed, alternative opportunity should be provided by the Government.Even Ithiopian Medical degrees are recognized, Why cant Sri Lankan. Provide clinical facility to those students from Govt. hospitals. This is a national issue now.

    • Ego of senile rabid president slmc is bigger than future doctor generation. Take him home. Registrar has case on web against SAITM for daughter. Disqualify his MBBS (Con) Identify other radicals but leave out decent ones and uni. also. And then there were none. Then SAITM doctors can shine

  5. Government should give some assistance and encouragement to this institute without listing to people who filled with hatred and jealousy. do yo think only kids who have top marks should follow a medical degree, how about kids who missed by couple of marks. and those who think colombo or peradeniya medical degrees are recognized by all over the world they do not know nothing. those degrees are nothing but coming from a just another third world country.

  6. Lets correct whats wrong and do it right. Why continue with the same garbage and waste everyones time. You were elected to do a job. Abide by the laws of the land. And you can never go wrong, repeating the same mistakes is not why you had been elected.
    Good luck and May God Bless SriLanka. SR

  7. This bogus institute should be shut down immediately. It was started by few medical rouges to highjack medical digree. Surely you can’t let these morons to treat our people.

    • What is your yardstick to judge a moron and a bogus. Your emotions cant accept 900 A/L qualified for medicine students obstructed by trade unionists like you. Take Saitm medicine and have a brain wash

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