Sampanthan seeks 100,000 jobs for N-E youth

Sampanthan-60000-1Opposition leader R Sampanthan today urged Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to take measures to provide 100,000 jobs for the youth in the North and East.

Speaking in Parliament, the opposition leader said that unemployment is a huge issue in the country.

He said that Sri Lanka’s education system does not assure jobs for those who do well as so there needs to be an employment oriented education system.

The opposition leader said that he had discussed the unemployment issue with the Prime Minister at a meeting held earlier and he urged the Premier to urgently address the issue.

Responding to his concerns, the Prime Minister thanked Sampanthan for not only looking at issues in the North and ?East but also the South. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr Sampanthan is too busy fulfilling the West’s interests with the help of Tamil diaspora. He can’t do anything to create jobs, but he believes that the government should create jobs. Tamils can conduct the longest civil war in Asia, but can’t create jobs for their own people in the North and East. What a joke, I wish I wasn’t born among the most foolish, ignorance and dangerous creatures.


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