Government wants close ties with China

Lakshman yapaThe Government today noted the importance of maintaining strong economic ties with China.

State Minister of Finance Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena told Parliament that today some of the most powerful countries in the world have realized that they need to be close to China.

Abeywardena, who was a Minister in the former Government and later supported the new Government headed by President Maithripala Sirisena, said that a stable economy in China is important to the region, including Sri Lanka.

The Minister said that more Chinese investors must be invited to Sri Lanka and an issues which may arise should be resolved amicably.

The former Sri Lankan Government initiated several projects with Chinese assistance but the new Government which took office in January this year decided to align itself more with India and the United States.

Abeywardena however said that it is important that Sri Lanka expands its ties with China.

He recalled that even Britain, which had once maintain a distance from China was now getting close and this was evident during the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to UK.

The Chinese Government was involved in several projects in Sri Lanka, including in a port, airport and highway project.

The port project was put on hold after the new Government took office but last week a Government Minister insisted that the project will resume under a new agreement. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is nothing really concrete about Britain and China.

    As before WW2 the Germans are industrializing China and China is investing in German Brands, Products and retaining German labour.
    It was Jewish Osborne who invited China and Britain has to play the American card of not leaving EU.

    As always Britain is playing with the pirates.

    The reality is Lanka – Beggars can not be choosers.
    How much of China alignment is going to destabilise India, US Japan relations?? What would Lankas involment be in the American China war games which are taking in on a trade footing too Pacific Trade Pact.

  2. Why not you ask help from USA or West.
    MR was clever leader, he look far a head, China is our real friend now you all realize. No other country in the world help us than China.

    • Well Said Sam
      These present idiots condemned China saying corrupt money. Arjuna is the biggest crook.Put his own brother asChairman. What credentials he has. Where is MS and his Yahalpana? Now they want China
      These worse crooks are still wasting Tax payers money and still chasing behind MR and his family. What is these idiots have done so far. Enjoying the benefits, privileges, doing all what they want. Where is MS & RW Yahalpana? Reaping all benefits what MR and his team has set for them. All bunch of crooks
      This needs to stop. Oh shame poor minded, poor sri Lankan’s, Now Are you all made rich by MS & RW ?

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