US envoy to Lanka notes importance of religious freedom

Sivagami AmmaiThe US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap noted the importance of religious freedom following a visit to a Hindu temple in Colombo.

Keshap visited the Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple in Colombo at the invitation of Minister of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs D.M. Swaminathan, grandson of the temple’s founder, the US Embassy in Colombo said today.

During the visit, Ambassador Keshap was privileged to receive sacred “prasad” offerings from the Chief Priest.  ‎

”Religious freedom and diversity are cherished values of the United States that help strengthen our country,” Ambassador Keshap said later. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. No one from Obama administration should be talking about religious freedom. In US private cake shop owner been prosecuted for not accepting order from gay couple on religious belief, Football coach Joe Kennedy sacked for praying before the game, Students been told not to say God Bless in school class room. Christmas decoration been band many more examples so it its bit rich Atul Keshap is talking about religious freedom in Sri Lanka.

  2. Hindians must come down south to pray
    (the north is full of Islamic memory structures)
    The god is everywhere.
    Nataraj @ Brussels.

  3. The best USA can do to Sri Lanka is staying away from any involvement including unfair activities against Sri Lanka in UN. Many middle eastern countries now suffering after US involvement.

    • You know than that beggars cannot be choosers of to whom it exports?
      If you fight at home the women and kids would get raped by neighbours- Vultures Prey.
      The knowledge that you have an animal heritage and that Lankians are very near the beasts might help to check your behaving like beasts.

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